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Name (Description) Group Responsible URL Database Path /etc/nginx/sites-available: Status Comment
ABCD Wiki (ABCD 3.0 Project from BGBM and MfN) BGBM David Fichtmueller, Jana Hoffmann abcd_wiki v-abcd/w working
Apple Core Wiki TDWG Joel Sachs applecore v-applecore/w working
CETAF Digitization Wiki CETAF Elspeth Haston, cetafdigiwiki v-cetaf/c working
CETAF Identifiers Wiki CETAF Anton Güntsch cetafidentifierwiki v-cetaf/id working
Synthesys3 Project Wiki CETAF Falko Glöckler synthesyswiki v-cetaf/s working
Citizen Science Wiki MfN K. Vohland, L. Pettibone mfn_cs v-mfn/csleitfaden working alternative domain:
COST-MOBILISE SNSB Dagmar Triebel costmobilisewiki v-costmobilise/w working
Dina Project Wiki MfN Falko Glöckler dinawiki v-dina/w working redirect from old path still in 00_default, alternative domain:
Diversity Workbench DWB Dagmar Triebel, Gregor Hagedorn (DNS) wbwiki v-workbench/w working
eScience Wiki ZFMK Peter Grobe esciencewiki esciencewiki working
Flora of North America Plazi Joel Sachs fna v-fna/w working
BotKnow Botanical Knowledge Plazi Joel Sachs botknow_test v-botknow-test/w 00_default working temp until under own domain
GFBio Public Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_public_wiki v-gfbio/w working
GFBio Internal Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_internal_wiki v-gfbio/int working
GFBio Minimal Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_public_wiki v-gfbio/min working minimal skin for the public wiki, details see User:David Fichtmueller/GFBio Minimal Wiki
GFBio Terms Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_terms_wiki v-gfbio/t working
LIAS Glossary SNSB Dagmar Triebel lias_glossary v-lias/w working
TDWG Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group TDWG David Fichtmueller, Anton Güntsch tdwg_bsci v-tdwg-groups/bsci working if works again, this wiki could be moved
TDWG Terms Wiki TDWG TDWG, Gregor Hagedorn tdwg_terms v-tdwg-terms/w working
TDWG Blitz TDWG TDWG, Joel Sachs tdwgblitz v-tdwgblitz/w working
IDES Wiki (Integriertes Datenmanagement für die digitale Erschließung zoologischer und paläontologischer Sammlungsbestände) SNSB Dagmar Triebel ideswiki v-ides/w working
NESCent Informatics Wiki Nescent Falko Glöckler nescent v-nescent/nescent working
NNVM (Netzwerk der Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereinigungen in Mitteleuropa) NNVM NNVM Münchau, Gregor Hagedorn nnvmwiki v-nnvm/w working
Offene Naturführer Plazi Gregor Hagedorn onwiki v-on/w working
Offene Naturführer BiolFlor (Diese Testplattform für aus dem Biol-Flor Projekt stammende Daten) Plazi Gregor Hagedorn onwiki_test v-on/bfl working
OroWiki MfN Holger Uhlich, Gregor Hagedorn orowiki v-orowiki/w working
PlantTerms English Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_terms_en v-plantnet/terms/e working
PlantTerms Francais Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_terms_fr v-plantnet/terms/f working
PlantUse English Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_uses_en v-plantnet/uses/e working
PlantUse Francais Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_uses_fr v-plantnet/uses/f working
Practical Plants Andru Vallance practicalplants_mw v-practicalplants/html/w working not part of the regular BWF backup, has special backup
Species-ID-Wiki Plazi Gregor Hagedorn specieswiki v-species/w working
ZooTerms (Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology) Plazi Gregor Hagedorn zooterms v-species/zt working
OpenMedia Repository Plazi Gregor Hagedorn openmedia v-species/o working
SpecialMedia Repository Plazi Gregor Hagedorn specialmedia v-species/s working
SPNHC Wiki Plazi Joel Sachs spnhc v-spnhc/w working
Terminology Sandbox (set up as a clone of for experimenting with Semantic Media Wiki) Meta David Fichtmueller terminology_sandbox_wiki v-terminology-sandbox/w working
Test 26WMF5 Test Alvaro Ortiz Troncoso test26wmf5 testing/alvaro/test26wmf5 working non working configuration still in 00_default
Thrips Wiki CSIRO Laurence Mound (, Gregor Hagedorn thripswiki v-thrips/w working
Bayernflora SNSB Dagmar Triebel bayernflorawiki v-bayernflora/w working alternative domains:,
BiNHum Wiki SMNS Joachim Holstein binhum_wiki v-binhum/w working
AraMob Wiki SMNS Joachim Holstein aramob_wiki v-aramob/w working
Kurator Project Wiki Plazi Bob Morris, Paul J. Morris kuratorwiki v-kurator/w working
DIFA Wiki SMNS Joachim Holstein difa_smns_wiki v-difa-smns/w working
Filtered Push Wiki Plazi Bob Morris, James Macklin filteredpushwiki v-filteredpush/w working
Flora Malesiana Wiki Naturalis Naturalis malesiana_wiki v-floramalesiana/w working pointed to the old IP 160...
GBIF.DE IT Wiki BGBM Anton Güntsch, Gregor Hagedorn gbif_d_wiki v-gbif-d/w working
FloraWiki Deutsch Plazi Stefan Eggenberg (content), Andreas Plank (technology) infoflora_ch_de swissflorawiki/d working there is a prox redirect to another server
FloraWiki Francais Plazi Stefan Eggenberg (content), Andreas Plank (technology) infoflora_ch_fr swissflorawiki/f working there is a prox redirect to another server
FloraWiki Italiano Plazi Stefan Eggenberg (content), Andreas Plank (technology) infoflora_ch_it swissflorawiki/i working there is a prox redirect to another server
Pestinfo Wiki ISPI Bernhard Zelazny ispiwiki v-ispi/w working
Phytomed Wiki DPG Falko Feldmann pmedwiki v-phytomed/w not working DNS record of subdomain could not be retrieved as of 2018-01-24. Therefore this wiki is removed from the list of domains for HTTPS Support via Let’s Encrypt, as it causes failure of the certificate generation process.
Plazi Wiki Plazi Donat Agosti, Gregor Hagedorn plaziwiki v-plazi/w working
pro-iBiosphere Wiki Plazi Gregor Hagedorn ibiospherewiki v-ibiosphere/w working
Tela-botanica Francais Plantnet Michel Chauvet telabotanica_frwiki v-telabotanica/f working
Tela-botanica English Plantnet Michel Chauvet telabotanica_enwiki v-telabotanica/e working
KeyToNature Triest PL Nimis, Stefano Martellos k2n_wiki v-k2n/w not working As of 2020-04-23 the domains points to a different server. The domain has now been excluded as an alt name for the SSL certificate.
KeyToNature Handbook Triest PL Nimis, Stefano Martellos k2n_handbook v-k2n/h not working As of 2020-04-23 the domains points to a different server. The domain has now been excluded as an alt name for the SSL certificate.
MOD-CO (Towards an integrative and comprehensive standard for meta-omics data of collection objects) SNSB Dagmar Triebel modco v-modco/w working
ZSM Entomology Portal SNSB Stefan Schmidt (DNS) zsm_entomology v-zsm/w working
Biowikifarm Meta Plazi Gregor Hagedorn metawiki metawiki 00_default working contains the user and confirmAccounts tables used my most other wikis
TestWiki Plazi Gregor Hagedorn testwiki testwiki 00_default working The testwiki configuration depends on its own LocalSettings.php, plus CommonsSettings and DevSettings in www-root
TestWiki 2 Plazi Gregor Hagedorn testwiki2 testwiki2 00_default working
Studienstiftung Mykologie Plazi Walter Gams, Gregor Hagedorn studienstiftungswiki studienstiftungswiki 00_default working maybe move to dedicated subdomain and create a forward for the old path
GoldenGATE Plazi Donat Agosti, Gregor Hagedorn goldengatewiki goldengate 00_default working maybe move to dedicated subdomain and create a forward for the old path
Wikibase Wiki Plazi Gregor Hagedorn, Andreas Plank wikibasewiki wikibasewiki 00_default working presently for OpenMedia, Offene Naturführer
Data Quality Wiki BGBM David Fichtmueller dataqualitywiki v-dataquality/w working was previously located at now it has redirects
MfN Wiki Projekt MfN E. Patzschke mfn_mus v-mfn/w 00_default working
Ausstellungsmanagment Wiki MfN E. Patzschke mfn_ausstellung v-mfn/ausstellung 00_default working
Sammlungsmanagement Wiki MfN A. Friederichs mfn_collmg v-mfn/sammlung 00_default working
Sammlerbiografien MfN A. Friederichs, S. Hackethal mfn_sammler v-mfn/sammler 00_default working
3d Imaging Handbook MfN T. von Rintelen mfn_3dhandbook v-mfn/3d-handbook 00_default working
MfN Issue Managment MfN  ? mfn_issue v-mfn/issue 00_default working
Panda Ausstellung MfN E. Patzschke mfn_panda v-mfn/panda 00_default working path rewrite issues
Panda Exibition MfN E. Patzschke mfn_pandaen v-mfn/panda_en 00_default working path rewrite issues
MfN Hilfeseiten MfN A. Friederichs mfn_help v-mfn/hilfe 00_default working
MfN Arbeitstagung 2015 MfN E. Patzschke mfn_arbeitstagung2015 v-mfn/arbeitstagung2015 00_default working
Verwertung und Wissenskommunikation MfN E. Patzschke mfn_verwertung v-mfn/verwertung 00_default working
MfN Forschungsprojekte MfN E. Patzschke mfn_fp v-mfn/forschungsprojekte 00_default working
ECSA Wiki MfN C. Göbel, K. Vohland mfn_ecsa v-mfn/ecsa/ 00_default is currently being set up, still protected
UK Country Checklist Plazi Quentin Groom ukcountywiki v-ukcounty/w 00_default working temp until under own domain
Template Wiki Plazi (All, can be deleted and recreated if necessary) z_en_template v-ztemplate/w unused template to create new wikis

Test Wikis, not yet documented

  • testwiki20
  • testwiki24
  • testwiki_plusaccountanduser

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